Impact measurement

Impact measurement is a core feature of today’s world, with funders, executives and trustees demanding to see the effect of their funding, staff and projects on their target audiences.  Measuring impact well is often difficult, mired in issues around perspectives, scale and unintended consequences.

ERC can help you with impact measurement, providing external and neutral support to identify conflicting perspectives within a team, to interview stakeholders and partners in a way that allows them to share difficult topics, and by providing practical support in the planning, implementation and results phases of your impact measurement process.

Relevant experience

Programme assessment, Capacity
January-February 2017

Key tasks:

  • Supervise an external impact assessment of the 2016 Capacity mentoring programme
  • Facilitate interviews with programme participants, mentors and trainers
  • Provide editorial support for the end-of-assessment impact report


Partner surveys and interviews, Luc Hoffmann Institute (LHI), WWF International
September-November 2016

Key tasks:

  • Design and deliver 2 surveys to LHI internal and external partners, to understand different aspects of the LHI’s research and project work
  • Interview partners to develop more in-depth understanding of the LHI’s impact
  • Analyse the surveys and interviews for the purpose of organisational assessment and development
  • Provide additional input from analysis of earlier surveys and interviews, providing a 5-year perspective on the LHI