Research and Management

Information is a rapidly-growing commodity that underpins good decisions and action.  It can be tricky to find the time to pull together information and resources, yet it is often a crucial first step.

Elsner Research and Consulting can support you with your information needs, through a high-quality research service that draws on a strong academic background in biology, geography and the social sciences, as well as business development experience.

Relevant experience

Forest restoration research: Plantations in Ancient Woodland Sites (PAWS)
3Keel LLP and The Woodland Trust, May-June 2017

Key tasks:

  • Survey the ground flora of 40 PAWS sites across the UK, as part of a long-term monitoring study
  • Consider the impacts of restoration management techniques on forest flora and ancient woodland features (veteran trees especially)
  • Analyse previous reports on PAWS management for updating in line with new findings (forthcoming)


Survey on Sustainable textile producers and the challenges that they face
Social Fabric, Zurich, November 2016

Key tasks:

  • Research and compile a list of businesses producing sustainable textiles and sustainable clothing
  • Design and deliver a survey on the issues facing sustainable textile users and producers, encompassing issues such as costs of production, material costs, prototyping and testing issues, customer interest and engagement
  • Analyse the results with the intention of supporting business development


Charity development and rejuventation, membership support
British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC), December 2014 – 2016

Key tasks:

  • Build new website for members to hold BANC journal archive
  • Design and implement transition to online publishing for BANC journal ECOS: A Review of Conservation
  • Support restructuring and rejuvenation of BANC Board of Trustees
  • Membership management and support (including maintainence of database and all member communications)


English language editing
Acta Oecologica Carpatica and Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research, January 2016 until present

Key tasks:

  • Read and revise English language articles for grammar, style and coherence
  • Review papers for structure and content, and offer suggestions for improvement


PhD research on beekeeper knowledge and engagement with science and policy
Lancaster University, UK, 2010-2015

Key activities:

  • 4 years of interdisciplinary research using interviews, participant observation and field experiments to investigate beekeeper learning, environmental engagement and bee nutrition and health
  • Interviews carried out with stakeholders from local beekeeping clubs, national beekeeping organisations, UK policy and academic sectors
  • Research write-up is available as a PhD thesis from Lancaster University library, or as a Summary Note on the Publications page
  • Results presented in guest seminars at the UK’s Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA), to the Central Association of Beekeeping (CABK) and to Nottingham University geography department, as well as at 3 international conferences