Stakeholder analysis

Knowing your clients, potential audiences, important partners and your internal company options is a vital part of running a successful programme, social organisation or business.

ERC provides a creative stakeholder analysis service to help you ensure that you are communicating fluently with those who need to know what you are saying.

Relevant experience

Communication Management support, Crypto Valley Association (CVA) and Lyons Communications
August-October 2017

Key tasks:

  • Map internal communication routes between the CVA Board, working groups and volunteers to support organisational efficiency
  • Support and rationalise information management and document storage activities
  • Support the Communications Working Group with member newsletters
  • Create communications manual for the CVA
  • Editorial work for Lyons Communications


Impact and organisation assessment, Luc Hoffmann Institute (LHI)
September-November 2016

Key tasks:

  • Design and deliver 2 surveys to LHI internal and external partners, to understand different aspects of the LHI’s research and project work
  • Interview partners to develop more in-depth understanding of the LHI’s impact
  • Analyse the surveys and interviews for the purpose of organisational assessment and development
  • Provide additional input from analysis of earlier surveys and interviews, providing a 5-year perspective on the LHI


Survey on Sustainable textile producers and the challenges that they face
Social Fabric, November 2016

Key tasks:

  • Research and compile a list of businesses producing sustainable textiles and sustainable clothing
  • Design and deliver a survey on the issues facing sustainable textile users and producers, encompassing issues such as costs of production, material costs, prototyping and testing issues, customer interest and engagement
  • Analyse the results with the intention of supporting business development


Membership survey
British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), September 2012

Key tasks:

  • Design and deliver survey to over 2000 ex-members to ascertain why they left the organisation
  • Analyse results from survey and write report for BBKA Trustees, drawing out key findings and suggestions for member retention in the future


Membership survey
British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC), August 2011

Key tasks:

  • Design and deliver survey on BANC and its journal ECOS: A Review of Conservation, to understand what aspects of the organisation and the journal were valued by members
  • To collect demographic information about BANC members to inform future activities
  • Analyse results for the BANC Council of Trustees to support its activities and ensure that member views were being considered and that member interests were being addressed